Registration for the 2017 race is open at Ultra Signup. Each race distance will be capped at 100 entrants.

A list of registered runners is available on Ultra Signup. Be sure to click on the appropriate link to view the correct list, i.e.,  80 Miles or 160 Miles.

Read the Rules before you register. Some of the rules have changed from previous years. There are gear requirements for both distances. If you do not have the required gear, you will not be allowed to race.

In order to register for the 160 mile, you must have completed one of the following races:

– Tuscobia 160/150/80/75 mile

– Arrowhead 135 mile

– Iditarod Trail Invitational 130/350/1000 mile

– Actif Epica

– Fat Pursuit 200 km / mile

– Frozen Otter 64 mile

– Triple D 100 km

– Susitna 100 mile

– White Mountains 100 mile

– Yukon 100/300 mile

– 6633 Arctic Ultra

– Alaska Mountain Wilderness Ski Classic

You will not be able to register for the 160-mile event if you have not completed one of the above.

Note: if you have started one of the above races but not completed the race, and want to enter the 160-mile, email us at

Entry Fees for 2017:

Until Oct 31:            160 mile: $150   |    80 mile: $100

Nov 1 – Dec 25:       160 mile: $200 |    80 mile: $140

Entry will close at midnight on Dec 25, or when registration caps have been met.

No refunds.