2016 Race Partners

Once again we have the support of TCRC, 9:Zero:7 and Out There who are generously sponsoring the prizes for the run, bike and ski categories, respectively. In addition, 9:Zero:7 are giving away a frame/fork set to one lucky raffle prize winner!

We are delighted to welcome back Black Rock Gear, Bar Mitts and Gemini Lights who have donated a bunch of gear and gift certificates.

This year, in lieu of a pre-race meal, all racers will receive $10 in “chamber bucks” that can be spent at almost all establishments in Rice Lake (hotels, restaurants, stores, gas stations, etc.). This has been made possible with the help of the Rice Lake Tourism Board. Be sure to check out their website to find out more about Rice Lake and the surrounding area.

Also new this year, we are partnering with Rab to bring you some great gear pieces for finisher prizes and the raffle. If you know Chris, you will be familiar with their range of awesome winter layers, perfect for a Tuscobia adventure…

After introducing their handmade gaiters at last year’s event, RM-Gear bring you each an exclusive Tuscobia-branded winter headband to keep those ears warm and head ventilated! RM – Roberto Marron – is a veteran Tuscobia finisher and along with Chris, the guinea pig for the inaugural 150-mile Tuscobia race in 2010.

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75-mile bikers!

Please check your email to ensure you know when to drop your bike – either Friday evening or Saturday morning. Thank you!

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Registration is closed! (but…)

Registration closed on Dec 24th. We currently have just over 100 entrants in the “short” race and  80 in the “long” race. Everyone on the waitlist who wanted a spot has one and will be registered within the next few days. If you know of anyone else who missed registration, tell them to email us (tuscobia@gmail.com) ASAP! Jan 2nd is the last day we can accept registrations before we start our drive across the country…

Anyone who happens to be on the Tuscobia trail, please post photos to the Facebook page or email them to us so that we can share here. I know everyone is anxious about the snow levels… looks like we should be OK but it will certainly be challenging terrain for all participants!

Keep an eye on your email over the next week, especially the 75-mile racers, as we finalize logistics for the race, bus transportation etc.

Email us with questions, no matter how random. And please, please, please read the website and especially the race rules. They are not that extensive but they are important. It’s no fun for anyone if a racer gets disqualified.

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A few updates…

We are working on transporting some of the huge dumping of fresh snow here in Bend to the Tuscobia trail…

Meanwhile, a few updates:

  • 75-milers who need to leave their cars in Park Falls for the duration of the race – check out the Parking information at the bottom of the General Information page.
  • All other racers leaving cars in Rice Lake – you can park at the Rainbow Center close to the race start/finish. Parking at the KOC Hall itself will be reserved for race staff and volunteers.
  • All racers check out the updated course information on the Course page. We will mark the turn-off to the checkpoints but it is in your interest to know the course as best you can.
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Registration is Open!

Register at Ultra Signup.

Please review the race rules before signing up!! Contact us regarding the 150-mile (160 miles this year) event if you do not have previous long distance winter experience. This is a serious requirement. We understand that a lot of interested participants have completed multiple endurance events (100 k/mile runs/rides etc.) but unless it’s in the dead of winter, we don’t consider it to be sufficient qualification for the 150-mile event. We will revoke your entry if we don’t think you are capable of safely completing the distance.

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Registration Opens August 24!

Registration will open August 24 on the Ultra Signup site!

New for 2016:

  • Race HQ will be in downtown Rice Lake at the Knights of Columbus (KOC) Hall on North St. & Nuun Ave
  • 150-mile races will start and finish on the Wild Rivers State Trail right at the KOC Hall; follow the trail north to join the Tuscobia Trail at the Rice Lake terminus where the turnaround was in previous years, and continue to Park Falls
  • 150-mile races will turnaround in Park Falls… 80 miles away… there will be a checkpoint here; return to the KOC
  • 75-mile races will start in Park Falls and finish at the KOC hall in downtown Rice Lake… 80 miles away…
  • There will be a checkpoint in Ojibwa (both directions for the 150-mile)
  • Please READ the race rules before signing up! There have been some changes from previous years.
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Tuscobia 2016

The 2016 Tuscobia Winter Ultra will take place January 8 – 10, 2016. A couple of important changes for 2016:

  • The race will not take place during the holidays: less snowmobile traffic
  • There will be two race distances: 75-mile & 150-mile

Registration will open in August 2015. The race format will be similar to previous years, with the 150-mile run/ski starting on Day 1 (Jan 8) followed by the 150-mile bike and all 75-mile races starting on Day 2 (Jan 9). All races will finish by 11pm on Day 3 (Jan 10).

We decided to drop the 35-mile race. We know this will disappoint a lot of folks but we wanted to simplify the event and focus more on the longer distances.

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