Registration closes Dec 1st!

Registration closes at midnight (central) this Friday, December 1st. Sign up now for one of the few remaining spots!

P.S. If we don’t fill the 160-mile, we will likely have a few spots in the 80-mile, so if you are interested in getting on the waitlist email us at:

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Required Gear

Participants: please review the list of required gear in detail!

Two specific items we want to highlight today:

(1) As in past years, we are passionate about having good lights. Both your main head/bike lights and your red blinky lights. Remember that it is equally important that these can be seen in daylight. While many red blinky lights show up well during the night, test yours in daylight also – especially on those grey winter days.

(2) Bivy sack – get a decent one – you are likely to only need it when things go to hell so make sure it will keep you dry in a snow bank, offer some warmth, and not tear easily when you accidentally stab it with your pole. We don't allow bivy sacks made from 'space blanket' material and have updated the required gear list to specify the SOL Emergency Bivy as an example of what is not allowed. The more durable SOLs are OK.

As always, email us at with any questions.

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August 10, 2017 – Update

80-mile bike & run are full!

We are keeping a waitlist – if you wish to be on it please email, include following in subject line:

"2017 Tuscobia Waitlist Request – NameMode (run/bike) – 80 mile"

If we don't fill the other categories by Dec 1st when registration closes, we will open up the spots to the waitlist.

As always, read up on the rules & required gear before you enter and email us with any questions.

See below updates for other useful info.

Thank you,
Helen & Chris

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August 9th, 2017 – Update

Race is filling…

1 spot left in 80-mile bike
8 spots left in 80-mile run

The 160-mile run & bike are around half full. And we have a few brave skiers signed up!

See below post for waitlist & gear info, along with lodging discount. Email us with any questions:

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August 5, 2017 – Update

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick update on registration and a discount for lodging at Curriers Lakeview Lodge.  Keep an eye out this week as well for Partner announcements.  There will be at least one that is offering a discount to purchase product as you prep your gear.

  • Registration is at 125/200.  We allocate a certain number of spots to each mode of transport and distance.  If you try to register and it is full, email and we will put you on a waitlist.  Please include in the subject line:  2017 Tuscobia Waitlist Request – Name -Mode of Transport – Distance.   See example below:

2017 Tuscobia Waitlist Request – Chris Scotch – Foot – 80

  • Curriers Lakeview Lodge is offering a 10% discount on lodging.  They have a variety of room types to accommodate solos, families, multiple racers, etc.  Call to reserve and tell them you are in town for the Tuscobia Winter Ultra.
  • Lights – please be familiar with the Required Gear, especially lights.  Red blinky lights should be amazingly bright and high quality.  Lights made for biking are generally the best.
  • Volunteers –  Anyone interested in volunteering can contact us at  We can use all types of volunteers and can accommodate most schedules.  Help for a couple hours or a couple days, it all helps!
  • Reminder – Our Facebook page does get updates from our website, and we will post questions about gear or try to match people for rides and lodging, but we will never post required/important race info only on Facebook.  This website is the place for all important info.  If you need to contact us, use rather than FB.

Thanks and looking forward to seeing all of you!

Chris & Helen

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Tuscobia 2017, round 2

Registration will open August 1st at midnight central time at

Note that you need an Ultrasignup account to register so you may want to create that ahead of time to be able to register efficiently. We don’t expect the race to fill immediately – it usually takes several weeks – but you never know!


Block your calendars folks! Tuscobia 2017 (round 2) will take place on:

– December 29/30/31

Start date, time, location:

– 160-mile run & ski will start on Friday Dec 29th at 6am in Rice Lake
– 160-mile bike will start on Saturday Dec 30th at 6am in Rice Lake
– All 80-mile races will start on Saturday Dec 30th at 10am in Park Falls
– All races will finish in Rice Lake

The race HQ will again be at the KC Hall in Rice Lake. However, we’re also going back to our roots with the race as the Park Falls Gastropub (formerly the Chequamegon Canoe Club) will be hosting the 160-mile turnaround!

More details will be posted on the individual tabs within the next week. Please read before signing up. Email us with questions:

Don’t rely on the Facebook page to get feedback from us – though participants are more than welcome to post questions for each other and share information. Continue reading

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2018 Race

The race date is not yet final but will be either of the following, pending confirmation with the Wisconsin DNR and local authorities:

  • December 29/30/31
  • January 5/6/7

I guess the date will determine if it’s the 2017 2nd edition or the 2018 race!

The race will follow the same format as 2017:

  • Race distances: 80 or 160 miles
  • 3 modes: run, bike or ski

The race HQ will be in Rice Lake, at the KC Hall (same as 2016 & 2017) and the turnaround for the 160-mile will be in Park Falls. Unfortunately St Anthony School is closing at the end of this term so we are working on a venue for the checkpoint and 80-mile start.

Registration will open August 1st, 2017. We expect it to sell out quite quickly, especially the 80-mile distance.

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