2012 Dates Confirmed

The 2012 version of Tuscobia will be on the weekend of December 28-30.

The Chequamegon Canoe Club has again graciously agreed to host our festivities.  They must be crazy!!!  Or they had as much fun as we did last year and are looking to make it an even better party this year!

Registration will be at Ultra Signup. It will open later this week and a link will be posted on the registration page.

Some details are still being worked out, but same general idea as last year – 150, 75 and 35-mile races.

Oh! – Almost forgot, there will be an ITI entry for 2014 available for a lucky winner of the 150-mile race.  Booyah!!

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2 Responses to 2012 Dates Confirmed

  1. Charly Tri says:

    Can the prize be awarded retroactively?

    • chrishelen says:

      No, but I wonder if you passed a bucket around to your buddies if they would all drop a few bucks in for you?? Given that we had a little more time to plan this year, we thought we would try and get something cool like an ITI entry. All you have to do is repeat and you have a chance at the entry. Good Luck!! cjs

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